Indoor Air Quality Solutions

We're interested in more than just the comfort of your home's temperature, we also care about the quality of the air. It's been determined by the EPA that the quality of air outside your home can often be cleaner than the air inside your home! A & E Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has the factory-trained service technicians to help you maintain the highest quality air inside your home through various services and products, giving you peace of mind knowing that the air you breathe is as clean as possible.

Brands We Carry

  • Aprilaire - Whole-home air purifiers with an option to clean allergies on your terms.
  • Ultravation - Stop mold growth in your home with the most powerful and energy-efficient UV disinfection system.
  • Fresh-Aire UV - Cleaner air via UV Light Disinfection since 1991. This is one of the most popular products in the industry.
  • Trane CleanEffects Air Cleaner - This uses revolutionary technology that will remove up to 99.98% of airborne particles, allowing you to breathe easier - literally.
  • Trane Perfect Fit Media Filter - This reusable furnace filter traps more dust, pollen and bacteria than typical filters.