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Heat pumps are efficient devices that help keep your Efland, NC, home comfortable all year round. Although it’s normal for heat pumps to make some noise, unusual sounds from your heat pump could indicate a potential problem.

Loud Noises During Shut Down or Startup

It’s normal for your heat pump to make some sounds when powering down or starting up. You may be accustomed to them. If your heat pump suddenly starts to make noises you haven’t heard before, ask a trusted technician to check it right away.

Loud Metal Banging Sounds

The fan is one of the common causes of metal banging noises inside the system. If you hear such noise coming from your heat pump, turn it off immediately and call for a repair.

Often, the sounds result from fan blades hitting something that has made its way inside the system. If you let your HVAC continue running, you may end up causing a need for extensive repairs. It’s important to have the issue handled immediately to avoid future expenses or needing to replace your system.

Heat Pump Is Making Vibrations and Rattling Noises

Vibration and rattling sounds from your heat pump might be an indication of a simple problem like a loose cover panel. However, excessive rattling noise might be an indication of a more serious problem.

It’s vital to get an HVAC professional to address the problem. Practicing seasonal AC maintenance helps keep most of your HVAC problems at bay.

Buzzing, Grinding or Shrieking Sounds

Grinding, buzzing and shrieking sounds are other common heat pump noises. A shrieking sound signals that your motor is burning out. A professional technician can troubleshoot the issue causing strange noise and provide a fix for the problem.

If you suspect your system is having problems, call us at A&E Heating and Air Conditioning. Our technicians will inspect and, if necessary, repair your system to protect its components.

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