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Your home AC is bound to produce some normal sounds while in use. However, if the sounds get noisy and weird, they could imply loose, broken, leaking or faulty components. Here are some odd noises the air conditioner could be making in your Chapel Hill, NC, home.

Clanking and Banging Sounds

Banging noises signify a broken or loose component in your AC’s compressor. It could be the crankshaft, the connecting rod or the piston pin. Banging sounds could also result from an unbalanced indoor blower or a faulty compressor.

Clanking sounds occur when some AC parts are faulty or loose. It could be a damaged compressor, unbalanced outdoor fan or indoor blower. If you have regular AC maintenance, your technician can resolve these issues early enough to prevent further complications.

Squealing or Humming Sounds

Humming sounds don’t signify serious threats, as they’re mostly a result of loose refrigerant piping or loose parts. These sounds often signal electrical issues, including loose wiring or a faulty motor.

Squealing sounds come from fan or blower noises. Your indoor blower, fan motor or blower wheel will often squeal when faulty. However, don’t forget that squeals often happen when the AC is starting up and may not signify system problems.

Screaming or Clicking Sounds

Your AC is bound to click when starting up or shutting down. But when the clicking continues for an extended period, it could imply a failing thermostat or faulty control. Preventive maintenance with each AC component getting checked and tuned up could prevent severe issues from developing.

Your AC system may also produce screaming sounds. High-pitched whistling sounds are a threat to your air conditioner’s overall health. The most common cause of screaming sounds is leaking refrigerant, which could fault the AC or cause severe health problems if not sealed promptly.

Contact us at A&E Heating and Air Conditioning if you’re looking for expert AC repair services to banish weird noises. When you speak to us directly, we can better explain what we can do for you.

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