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Your pet is a part of your family, and even though you sneeze and itch every time your cat or dog is around, you wouldn’t dare get rid of him or her. Fortunately, homeowners in Efland, North Carolina, can finally leave pet-related allergies behind. Learn how you can start building a sneeze-free sanctuary in your home and freely enjoy the company of your four-legged pals.

Where Do Pet Allergies Come From?

You’ll need to understand where your allergies are coming from before you can fight them. Many pet owners have heard of dander and worry those dead skin flakes may be causing their allergies. However, it’s not just the skin you need to worry about. The real problem is your pet’s saliva, which spreads over the skin when your pet grooms itself. That saliva is laced with a protein that causes allergic reactions in many humans.

When dead skin flakes make their way through your home, it’s the saliva on them that’s the real problem. You can experience an allergic reaction when your pet licks you. Also, as pets spend a lot of time outdoors during the spring and summer, they may bring allergens indoors, especially if they like to roll around in pollen-rich grass.

How to Fight Pet-Related Allergies

So how can you enjoy the company of your pets while remaining comfortable and healthy? Start by establishing a no-pet zone in your home. We know it’s fun to cuddle with your dog or cat as you fall asleep. However, maintaining an area of your home where your pet is prohibited will ensure there is at least one place where you can avoid allergens.

Cleaning your pet on a weekly basis will also help. Thoroughly wash its fur to get saliva off the skin and to remove pollen and other allergens. Be sure to dust and vacuum regularly, too.

Easy IAQ Solutions

It’s possible to keep your pets and still find relief from your allergies. Call A&E Heating and Air Conditioning at (919) 823-5992 to help you get control of pet dander and other allergens. We are the right source for effective indoor air quality products and services.

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