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Your heat pump works hard to contend with the weather in Chapel Hill, NC and breakdowns are a matter of when, not if, they will occur. There will come a time when you need to decide whether it’s better to repair or replace your heat pump. Here are the main factors you need to consider when making that decision.

The Age of Your Heat Pump

If your heat pump is under 10 years old, repairing it is your best option for most repairs. A heat pump over 10 years old is reaching its operational limits, and replacement would be the better option unless the repair cost is trivial. Failures tend to pile up in older heat pumps, so it pays to consider that more repairs are coming your way as you try to stretch its lifespan.

Maintenance History

If you’ve taken care of your heat pump with a maintenance program throughout its life, you can expect it to last up to 25% longer than normal. In this case, a repair is a reasonable choice up to 12 years after installation. If, on the other hand, your heat pump has gone 10 years without any maintenance, replacement is the best way to go.

The Cost of the Repair

Many heat pump repairs are simple and relatively inexpensive to perform. Some repairs can be so costly that they aren’t much cheaper than a replacement. If the repair is on the high end, then replacement is the best choice you could make regardless of the age of the unit.

Call us at A&E Heating and Air Conditioning to get your heat pump serviced today. Our expert technician will assess your equipment and help you decide whether it’s best to repair or replace your heat pump.

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