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The use of technology allows you to automate tasks such as controlling your thermostat temperature settings. Home automation is beneficial in lighting control, quick remote access, and saving money. Residents of Chapel Hill, NC, can save money with home automation in the following ways.

Detection of Carbon Monoxide and Smoke

Carbon monoxide is fatal and can lead to death if not detected early enough. Home automation allows you to integrate smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for easy detection and notification. Linking the detectors with your smartphone allows you to get alerts and monitor the battery life conveniently.

Water Damage Alerts

Water leakages are the main cause of biological growth in the house leading to poor indoor air quality. Home automation enables you to use an app to shut off the water supply in case of a leak when you aren’t home.

Saving Energy

The energy-saving benefits of home automation allow you to use smart light bulbs for lighting and programmable thermostats. They also help in programming electric outlets to allow for energy conservation while allowing you to turn off electrical appliances through motion detection systems.

Insurance Savings

Home automation reduces the chances of incidents like flood, fire and carbon monoxide leakage occurring. Insurance companies can give you generous discounts and lower premium rates due to the initiative to minimize risks. Home automation helps in reducing the chances of claims due to damages.

Break-in Prevention

Security has become a necessity in modern-day homes to protect your hard-earned investments. Home automation allows you to automate your security systems, record videos, lock doors remotely, and arm or disarm the security system from anywhere. The automation enhances your security, preventing a possible break-in.

Home automation apps such as Nexia not only save you money but also makes your life easier and enjoyable. Contact A&E Heating and Air Conditioning for professional services, including air conditioning, repair and preventive maintenance.

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