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Dealing with a furnace problem in your Efland, North Carolina, home is never a fun experience. However, heating systems do typically give off some warning signs before they fail. Keep an eye out for these common warning signs that your heater needs a repair.

Rising Bills

One of the most obvious warning signs is a sudden spike in your monthly utility bills. If you’ve recently switched from the cooling system to the heating system, you may not realize that the cost has increased dramatically. Watch your bills month after month and year after year to figure out if there could be a problem. A sudden increase could mean that the furnace isn’t operating as efficiently, which means it has to run for longer periods of time to maintain a comfortable atmosphere in your home.

Hot and Cold Spots

When certain rooms of your home are warm while others stay chilly, this could also be a warning sign of furnace troubles. An inefficient furnace could be the culprit, or your ducts could be losing their ability to provide even distribution of heat throughout the space. Regular heating maintenance can reduce the risk of inefficiency since your technician will test your furnace every year and make sure it’s operating correctly.

Loud Noises or Odors

If your furnace is making a lot of noise when it runs or giving off strange odors, bring in a professional for an inspection. Popping, screeching, grinding, and banging noises can indicate damaged or loose parts within the furnace. Musty odors can mean your furnace has moisture inside of it, while a burning odor could mean components are overheating and causing a fire risk. The smell of natural gas in your home is a serious concern, so shut off the heating system and call for help right away.

At A&E Heating and Air Conditioning, we specialize in repairs and maintenance on heating systems, so contact us at (919) 823-5992 if you notice any of these warning signs.

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