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Homeowners in Pittsboro, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas are looking for ways to improve the automation in their homes. Nexia is a smart home system that makes it easy to take your home to the next level and experience comfort and convenience.

Manage Your Home

Nexia is a customizable app for your smartphone or tablet that is easy to set up and use. With this unique addition to your smart home, you can decide how devices work together and control aspects of your house from anywhere. One area of smart home automation that many people focus on is how they control the HVAC system. You can add a smart thermostat to adjust the heating and cooling functions from your smartphone app or even your voice-controlled smart speaker.

Comfort and Convenience

Using a smart thermostat to control your HVAC system adds convenience while maintaining a comfortable atmosphere. Many users of smart thermostats also report lower energy bills within the first few months of making the switch. These units can track your habits and usage and then make automatic adjustments to keep energy waste under control. Subtle shifts in the settings on your heating or cooling system typically won’t alter your home’s comfort level. A number of smart thermostat options are compatible with HVAC systems from the major manufacturers in the industry, as well as with Nexia.

All About Nexia

Nexia is one of the most user-friendly options when it comes to home automation. It’s simple to set up and includes useful tools for first-time home automation. It works with a number of other solutions that are set up on the same Z-Wave platform, including compatible security cameras, door locks, entry sensors, smart thermostats, lighting, and more. You can keep some of the most vital systems set up on the same platform with Nexia.

At A&E Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer a variety of HVAC automation solutions through Nexia, so contact us at (919) 823-5992 to learn more about this innovative system.

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