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As an Efland, NC, homeowner, you might have had your share of hot, stuffy days during the fall season. You might have tried everything possible, but the air circulation doesn’t improve even when the weather conditions change. Learn how you can improve airflow and enhance the efficiency of your HVAC system by following these five tips.

1. Don’t Block Registers or Vents

Check all the vents and registers for any obstacles that might be inhibiting airflow. Ensure that no furniture, decorations, bookshelves or ceiling appliances block the registers or vents so that clean air can fill your home and bring it to the right temperature. Consequently, you’ll eliminate inefficiencies.

2. Keep Your Vents Clean

As your HVAC system operates, debris, dirt and other particles start to settle in the vents. This accumulation reduces the air circulation, making your entire air conditioning system work harder than it should. You can handle this problem by wiping your vents frequently to ensure nothing impedes air circulation.

3. Clean and Change the Air Filter Regularly

Dirty or worn-out air filters obstruct airflow and prevent your HVAC system from working efficiently. So, inspect your filters frequently to make sure they’re clean.

With time, air filters become clogged with dust, pollen, dirt and other particles they trap. Ensure you change the air filter every month.

4. Seal Leaky Ductwork

If your ducts have seams, holes or cracks, fix them immediately because they can lead to uneven air distribution. As a result, the pressure inside the vents reduces, impeding air circulation.

5. Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Poor air circulation indicates that your HVAC system has a problem. With proper HVAC maintenance, our skilled technician will detect problems before they worsen. Your HVAC system will work efficiently and keep indoor air clean and circulating throughout your home.

If you want to solve all your airflow problems, we can help. Contact A&E Heating and Air Conditioning today so you can receive timely AC repairs to ensure quality air keeps moving throughout your home without interruption.

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