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It’s important to regularly evaluate the efficiency of your HVAC to avoid high energy costs. You may also want to establish if it will continue to deliver the level of comfort you need in your home. Here’s why a new HVAC unit for your home may be necessary to stay cool during the mid-year heat in Hillsborough, NC.

1. Update an Aging System

Even though your HVAC can last between 10 to 15 years, poor maintenance can shorten its lifespan. As a result, components break down faster because it struggles to cool the house at the same rate.

Additionally, an aging HVAC may have faulty wiring that could be a hazard to your family. When the system gets to that point, it’s wise to get a professional to determine if it requires a tune-up or replacement.

2. Review Your Current System’s Efficiency

You may need a replacement if your current system isn’t efficiently cooling your home in Hillsborough. One cause of the inefficiency may be that the capacity of the AC doesn’t match the requirements of the building.

If your system is too big, it’ll keep starting and stopping to maintain the right temperature. If it’s too small, it will overwork to sufficiently cool your home during the searing summer heat.

An audit can establish if the capacity of your system is ideal for your home. A professional will determine whether the design needs an update to meet energy efficiency standards. Remember that an ineffective HVAC will always cost you much more in the long run.

3. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Some buildings require high levels of indoor air quality. Houses with many occupants and multiple pets ought to have an efficient system that can capture allergens. Updating your HVAC can reduce the risk of respiratory diseases for your family.

4. Take Advantage of the Latest Technologies

A new system can allow you to access the latest technologies so that you can optimize cooling. For example, with Nexia Home Automation, you can control your HVAC directly from your smartphone. You can create schedules for your smart thermostat to ensure your HVAC runs only when necessary.

We can help you optimize your system to improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC. We’ll be glad to explain and help you find the ideal option for your home. Call AE Heating and Air Conditioning for quality installation services in Hillsborough, NC.

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