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Your building’s commercial HVAC system needs to receive maintenance regularly or else a variety of problems could arise. There are a handful of common issues that affect commercial HVAC systems that you need to keep an eye out for. Here is a list of a few common commercial HVAC issues in Efland, NC.

1. Strange Sounds

If your building’s HVAC system is banging, rattling or popping, this could be an indicator that there’s a problem with your system. A variety of things could cause these sounds, such as a fan blade malfunction or a bolt coming loose. If you begin to hear frequent noises from your system, make sure you get it inspected immediately.

2. Condenser Issues

Issues with your system’s condenser, such as dirty or clogged condenser coils, can have a negative effect on your system. Clogged condenser coils can restrict airflow and cause your system to do extra work to regulate your building’s temperature. Issues with the condenser fan can also affect airflow and can lead to system failure.

3. Airflow Issues

As previously stated, problems with your condenser can lead to airflow issues, but there are other things that can cause airflow issues as well. If your system has cracks or leaks in the ductwork, this can negatively affect your system’s airflow and lead to uneven temperature regulation.

4. Air Quality Issues

If your system is dealing with issues such as a filthy air filter, leaking gas, or stagnant water, this can negatively impact your indoor air quality. If the indoor air quality in your office is poor, it could negatively affect the health of everyone inside your building.

These commercial HVAC problems can be minor, but they can also be serious and costly. Make sure you contact A&E Heating and Air Conditioning for commercial HVAC maintenance services.

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