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Some homeowners in Mebane, NC look forward to summer, but this season could also mean rising energy bills. Fortunately, keeping your home comfortable doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Even in the dog days of summer, the right approach can help you enjoy cool, refreshing air without stressing about high utility bills.

Make Your AC System Smarter

One simple way to save money in the summer is to dial back your air conditioning when it’s not needed. Raising your thermostat when you’re away or sleeping saves a surprising amount of energy without sacrificing much comfort. On the other hand, manually fiddling with your thermostat every day is a real hassle.

Upgrading to a smart thermostat allows your HVAC system to make these adjustments automatically, taking the guesswork out of saving energy. You’ll still get the cooling you need whenever you need it but without unnecessary waste.

Improve Ventilation and Humidity Control

Lowering the humidity in your home helps your body cool off more efficiently. That means you may be able to turn up the thermostat and lower monthly cooling costs without feeling uncomfortable.

Simple actions that help reduce indoor humidity include taking cooler and shorter showers, drying laundry outdoors and avoiding boiling water. Improving your home’s ventilation is also important, either by running exhaust fans more frequently or installing a whole-home ventilator. In addition, installing a dehumidifier is one of the most affordable and energy-efficient options for lowering the humidity in your home.

Schedule AC Maintenance

No matter how well-built your air conditioner is, it’s bound to suffer some wear and tear during normal use. From mechanical components becoming damaged to dirt and dust accumulation constricting airflow, these nagging issues gradually compromise your system’s performance. It’s a recipe for declining reliability, poor comfort and inflated utility bills.

The problems mentioned above can be avoided by scheduling cooling maintenance. A technician can perform routine maintenance at any time. However, scheduling a tune-up before the peak cooling season is ideal.

For maximum comfort and savings this summer, talk to the pros at A&E Heating and Air Conditioning. From expert installations to comprehensive air conditioning maintenance, we know what it takes to get the job done.

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