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You may not have to worry about pollen or mosquitoes anymore, but winter in Durham, North Carolina, brings its own host of threats to your health. Prepare your home for a comfortable and healthy winter by familiarizing yourself with the following common health threats.

Cold and Flu

The cold, dry air of winter allows the flu virus to become more stable and to stay in your air longer than it would in warmer, wetter conditions. Other viruses and bacteria also have an easier time finding and harming victims during the winter. These viruses and bacteria can cause chills, fevers, congestion, and sometimes significant illness.

In addition to getting a flu shot and staying as healthy as possible, you can also reduce the hazardous particles in your air by installing a whole-home air purifier.

Dry Air

While we can never quite escape the humidity of North Carolina, the moisture in the air does fall during the winter. That may usher a sigh of relief from those who can’t stand the humidity, but drier air can cause a variety of issues. You probably don’t need to worry much about dry skin unless you’re cracking and bleeding, but dry air can also irritate your sinuses and lead to related issues and illness.

Dry air also causes inflammation in the airway, which exacerbates asthmatic issues. To regulate your home’s humidity levels, consider installing a whole-home humidifier.

Indoor Air Pollution

North Carolina may not experience as extreme a winter as other parts of the nation, but we still tend to spend more time indoors than we did in the summer. Whether as a result of poor ventilation, allergens, chemicals, or another threat, perpetually breathing in hazardous particles and stale air can lead to illness. To reduce indoor air pollution, clean your home often, change your HVAC system’s air filter and schedule regular HVAC maintenance.

Don’t let health threats keep you from enjoying this winter. To get a professional hand improving your indoor air quality, call our team at A&E Heating and Air Conditioning at (919) 823-5992.

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