HVAC Equipment Installation Services in Hillsborough, NC

An HVAC equipment installation expert in Hillsborough, NC
A & E Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. carries a broad variety of HVAC brands and products for you to choose from. Whether you need to replace your existing air conditioning and heating unit or install central air in your home for the first time, we'll give you options and work within your budget. If for some reason that we don't have the equipment in stock, we have access to the Trane (TM) network and can receive your unit in as little as 24 hours.

Replacing Older, Inefficient Models

You can often reduce energy consumption by 25-40%, creating huge savings on your utility bill just by replacing your older model. This will increase your HVAC equipment by up to 25%! By doing this alone will cover the cost of a new installation.
Contact us today to have our experts diagnose your current equipment. We can help you select the most efficient and economical unit for your needs today.